Backless Strapless Bra

Get your Abra! A high quality self-adhesive backless strapless bra

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Designed for women who are looking for support, freedom and beauty.

The Abra is available in sizes A-F. It is the solution for backless/strapless dresses, tops, and uniquely cut outfits. With the Abra, the possibilities are endless.

  • abra-nude

    Abra Nude

  • abra-black

    Abra Black

  • abra-white

    Abra White

  • abra-nude-white-lace

    Abra Nude White-Lace

  • abra-purple-black-lace

    Abra Purple Black-Lace

  • abra-gel

    Abra Gel

  • abra-leopard-pink-case

    Abra Cases


The black bra arrived early last week. It also feels and looks great! Thank you for your assistance and outstanding customer service.


I have spent my holidays raving about the bra and your company to all my girlfriends and family members. It is so rare when a company steps up to higher expectations and that you truly have done. Stacy

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Free from any straps or side extensions. Fully washable and reusable. Non padded for a natural feel and look. Totally backless, strapless and invisible (in nude color) under any sheer clothing.

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