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Abracadabra Distribution Inc. est une entreprise canadienne basée à Vancouver en Colombie Britannique. Elle a été fondée en 2011 par Julie Bergeron, une Québécoise venue s’installer à Vancouver il y a plusieurs années.

Les débuts… nous étions 2 personnes et nous faisions une dizaine de Salons commerciaux par année dans les provinces de l’ouest pour rencontrer notre clientèle. Graduellement notre équipe s’est agrandie et nous sommes maintenant une dizaine de représentantes et vendeuses et nous participons à une quarantaine de Salons par année. Nos grandeurs allaient de A à D.

Voyant l’intérêt grandissant pour notre produit, nous avons fait créé les moules pour les grandeurs E puis F et G et enfin H en 2018. Toutes les grandeurs sont testées avant d’être mises en marché. Nous sommes la seule entreprise au monde à offrir des soutiens-gorge sans dos, sans bretelles dans les grandeurs F, G et H. Et elles font des heureuses!

Allez voir nos vidéos témoignages. Nous sommes devenues les spécialistes du soutien optimum des poitrines de toutes grandeurs sans l’aide de sangles ni de bretelles. Nous avons développé une application différente de ce genre de soutien-gorge sans dos, sans bretelles pour arriver au but souhaité par tant de femmes; libérer les épaules et le dos tout en gardant le support, la tenue et le galbe. Notre produit: le soutien-gorge auto-adhésif Abra sans bretelles et sans dos, de haute qualité. Vous pouvez venir nous rencontrer dans les nombreux Salons et événements où nous sommes en tant qu’exposants.

Regardez l’horaire pour connaitre les dates où nous serons dans votre ville! Vous pouvez aussi bien sûr nous trouver en ligne et comme nous sommes dédiées à offrir un service à la clientèle hors du commun, il nous fera plaisir de répondre à toutes vos questions au sujet des soutiens-gorge sans dos et sans bretelles Abra ainsi que sur les accessoires.

Depuis quelques temps notre présence sur le web et les réseaux sociaux s’intensifie grâce à la merveilleuse participation de l’équipe NuWeb.

Abracadabra takes great pride to be referred to as a company offering the best quality self-adhesive bra found on the market today. We are also the only company worldwide offering a self-adhesive bra in size G (tested and working wonderfully) Come to us with size “brablem” and we’ve got you covered.

Sticky bras have been around a few years. The technology developed at Abracadabra; material, design and most importantly the many ways of putting on the Abra to get the amazing support you are looking for in a bra. That is why we are take the time, whether in Trade Shows or online/email to guide our clients and show them the many possibilities the Abra can offer them.

It’s also important to know and remember that our bras are not design to cover the breasts entirely. Don’t worry it wont show with your gowns on, we promise. The adhesive of our bras is made of high quality, medical grade silicone and has been develop to stay on skin in various conditions. The silicone adhesive that Abracadabra uses is safe for all skin types and is hypoallergenic. With proper care and proper way to apply (see instructions) our Abra will provide the support and shape we are all looking for in a bra.

Movement and/or sweat wont make the Abra fall off, it is design to stay in place for long hours (again with proper care and use). The design of the Abra was meticulously designed and tested to provide support from sizes A-G.

Our bras are designed to fit young and old, narrow and wide, droopy and perky, irregular shaped and implants. Yes, the backless strapless Abra can fit a wide range of shapes and frames. The good news is we don’t have sacrifice support and we don’t sacrifice shape either. We can get rid of straps once and for good!

We want to reach as many people as possible throughout the world. To inform and demonstrate, that if they learn with us (and follow instructions and advice we provide) they will no longer need to wear another strappy bra ever again if they don’t want to. AND without sacrificing the support and shape that we all want and need. Owning a high quality backless strapless bra opens up a world of fashion possibilities.

Abra! Because freedom is sexy…

As a child and as far back as I can remember, women around me (my mom, grand-ma, older sisters, and aunts) were complaining everyday about how annoying and sometimes painful their breast were because of their bras (No doubt you can relate to that). They just couldn’t wait to arrive home and take it off! And how much time they put into to try and conceal the unwanted straps. How many times did I hear or say things like ”I love that dress but forget it, no bra would fit.”

I still remember the very first bra my mom bought me. I was so thrilled. I thought it was the coolest thing. I was a grown up at last. Well that thrill did not last very long. I started training to become a ballet dancer and started to hear myself complaining about the straps showing and the ugly lines it would carve underneath my beautiful ballerina gowns. This was the kickoff to my long love-hate relationship with bras.

Forty years into this comfortless “tie-up” and guess what? I still had to wear a bra every day and still hated it and MORE THAN EVER! What a surprise, hey? Worst than that, to be totally honest forty years later I NEEDED a bra MORE THAN EVER!

I am not the exception. Billions of women are struggling long hours with their strappy bras every day and it doesn’t get any more comfortable the longer we wear it. If anything, as time goes by, strappy bras feel more and more constricting and for some of us it becomes a daily source of pain. But because we don’t know any better we chose uncomforted every day of our lives. That’s a lot of days when we think of it; but what else can we do when going braless is not an option?

Ladies! I found the answer over 6 years ago and I never worn another of those strappy bra ever since.

We are a bouquet of passionate women dedicated to show as many women as we can how to free our shoulders and back from the tradition bra. Come and meet us at the Abracadabra booth in a show close to you and you’ll feel the vibe.

Every one of our representatives has been carefully trained and has the knowledge to answer any question or concerns you may have. But most importantly they will demonstrate with great accuracy how to use the bra to get the very best results from your new Abra.

They are trained to be able to take your measurements (specific to this bra). By the way, all our booths are equipped with a private fitting room so no worries, you’ll be greeted with respect and kindness. Our experts can even help you put in on for the first time and show you how to do so yourself, after purchase. That IS without a doubt the best way to see that this technology IS actually working wonderfully and most importantly to learn HOW to make it work. Bring friends along with you and you’ll see the reactions when you come out the changing room wearing your brand new Abra!

Since we no longer need straps and backs to get the shape we want, we can start to imagine the extent in which we can expand and upgrade our wardrobe. No longer are we restricted by the usual limitations that straps and bands impose on our imagination. Let your creativity go wild. The sky is the limit.

This year we came out with our size G, watch out for size H; coming soon!

More good news, we have the immense privilege of having a fashion designer as part of our team. We therefore decided to start working on creating an exclusive, designer, custom-tailored abracadabra clothing. Stay tuned for more to come.

Tellement agréable de ne pas avoir de « straps ». je porte les brassières Abracadabra depuis deux ans et je suis incapable de remettre les brassières traditionnelles! Kat Payeur

Wow j’adore les Abras !!!! Et en plus quel service exceptionnel nous avons à chaque fois. Première rencontre lors d’un salon et les 3 filles sommes reparties avec une Abra. Super service aussi quand on achète en ligne. Merci encore !!!

Maryon Lapratte

Quelle découverte extraordinaire !! Je ne veux plus m’en priver, le confort et la tenue parfaite, la liberté et l’élégance. MMMMmmmm je respire enfin !! Merci à toute l`équipe. Vous donnez un excellent service en plus!

Sylvie Beaudoin


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