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Designed for women who are looking for support, freedom and beauty.

The Abra is available in sizes A-G. It is the solution for backless/strapless dresses, tops, and uniquely cut outfits. With the Abra, the possibilities are endless.

How to install your backless Abra.

For best adhesion, clean your chest area with soap or exfoliant, rince thoroughly and dry well. Apply our Abra within the hour. AVOID moisturizers, powders, oils anywhere on or near the chest or hands prior to the application of your Abra.

Follow the steps and you’ll be all set!

Connect the front closure. Look for the « pointy » side of the cups and form a « V » in the center with a straight line at the base so the « points » are up. This will be the positioning of your Abra when you’re done.
How to wear an adhesive bra Step 1
How to wear an adhesive bra Step 2
Apply the cups one at a time : In front of a mirror (smile !), flip one cup outward while holding it by the edges. Apply on the low part of your breast below the nipple but NOT underneath the breast (Yes you heard me right ! NOT underneath !). Especially true for sizes C and up and-or lower breasts.
IMPORTANT: the central edge of the first cup you apply should be a vertical line.  (Yes vertical ! You got that right !) It will shift into a « V » after applying the second cup.
How to wear an adhesive bra Step 3

Apply the second cup by squeezing in and up in a diagonal motion (pic. 4-5) (diagonaly yes !).

How to wear an adhesive bra Step 5
How to wear a silicone bra Step 4

Tips: If you wear a low-cut dress (pic. 6) or a deep V-neck (pic. 7) adjust the bra accordingly. Your nipples most likely won’t end up in the centre of the cups. Are they covered ? If yes you’re good!

How to wear sticky bra
How to wear sticky bra step-7
how to wear strapless backless bra

To see the true result, put your top back on after you ajusted your Abra. The bra might look odd by itself for it doesn’t usualy cover the whole breasts but no judging until your top is on.

The black bra arrived early last week. It also feels and looks great! Thank you for your assistance and outstanding customer service.”


I have spent my holidays raving about the bra and your company to all my girlfriends and family members. It is so rare when a company steps up to higher expectations and that you truly have done.


Thank you very much for your help. It is a welcomed relief to associate with such a reputable company and all your help. I look forward to trying out this type of bra, and will happily recommend Abracadabra to all my family and friends.


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